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Color Line
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Color Line

Control, ownership, power, wealth and money. We live in a world where the chief virtue is greed, and success is measured through acquisition. The wealth of the planet is concentrated into very few hands. We have allowed the creation of entities endowed with extraordinary powers whose only purpose is to survive and to profit. Most of everything is owned by a few and the rest of us are allowed to rent or pay tribute for what we need to live.

At the root of all wealth is theft. This is so because until someone owed another, wealth could not exist. Nor could poverty. At some time in the past someone took control of a resource and through that control was born the concept of wealth. Before this event, the resource belonged to and was controlled in essence by everyone. Once control was established then access to that resource had to be arranged with the controller. Money and economy were born. And so were slaves. A slave is only valuable in terms of worth to the owner. This is the situation today. People only have value when they are valuable to the controllers. This happened a long time ago in europe and many parts of asia. It happened only a few hundred years ago in america and is currently happening in the remaining areas of the world that are not controlled, such as africa and south america.

There are only two types of wars. One type is when there are disagreements amongst the controllers as to which controls what. Examples this century include World Wars I and II, vietnam, and the us/irag/kuwait wars. The other type is when indigenous people resist those who wish to take control of their resources. This type of war is generally presented to the world today as communist inspired insurgencies and terrorist activities within the controllers agreed upon boundary areas. In earlier centuries, savages and heathens were the enemy. And before that, barbarians.

Once everything is controlled or owned, then everyone becomes dependent on the owner. Once we are dependent we are owned by those on whom we are dependent. On the surface of the situation this does not always seem to be a bad thing. The more intelligent of the controllers have realized that overt slavery generally results in the swift recognition by the slaves of their situation. This can and often has resulted in resistance by the slave toward the controller. This is usually not what a controller desires. A far better approach for the controller is indoctrination. With this technique the slaves hardly ever notice their true condition and in fact are very often active supporters and willing paticipants in the arrangement. The natural order of things, divine right of kings, social darwinism (today's favorite justification), nationalism, patriotism and sacrifice are but a few of the indoctrinating techniques that have and are being used. The controller really doesn't have to provide much in order to maintain its control. Enough food and shelter, some avenue for the enslaved to amuse themselve, but probably most important is to control how the world is perceived. This last item has become almost trivial to accomplish in today's world. Just about every method for knowing what is happening in the world that are available to us are controlled by the owners. Not only current situations but also history. We know only what we are told. And being well-indoctrinated citizens we believe for the most part what we are told.

The result in today's world? Well, parents devote all their efforts and sacrifice any sense of right and wrong to ensure that their children will have a good job with one of the controller's main tools, the corporation.

We have people who will justify nuclear, chemical and biological weapons creation and go home to their families. We have people who invest in corporations that are killing people and destroying the environment for profit and go home to their families. We have celebrities and sports stars who take money in exchange for their images from corporations that profit by paying their labor one or two dollars a day and who then go home to their families and friends. All of these people think that they are essentially good people. Split mind mentality is very common today and leads to terrible extremes of behavior so common today.

Religion is only legitmized when it aligns itself with the controllers. Any religion not so aligned is labeled a cult or primitive.

Competition is seen as a virtue. Millions starve or are starving each year. No discussion of potential and real population problems are allowed. The news of the world is filled with personal tragedy, suffering, rising crime statistics on all fronts.

Of course the result of this influence is fear and division which feeds the division between people. Be a good citizen and be protected. Don't and be tossed on the garbage heap. As an aside, it is no mistake that the homeless are allowed to flourish. They are a warning. In 1995 there were 358 billionaires. These 358 people had more wealth (combined $760 Billion) than the bottom 2.5 billion people inhabiting the planet. Do you really think that starvation and homelessness are necessary?

Aligning oneself with any government is to simply align with one owner or another. If this is a totally conscious decision then so be it. If not, then wake up. This planet and all living beings on it are one. There is no ownership. Cooperation, caring and love are what can carry us through to our birthright. The birthright that was given by us and taken from us either long ago or today. Is a shiny new car really worth exchanging for our connection with life? Do we really know what we have lost?

Within our created reality it would seem that as a society we have reached our level of incompetence. Most of our experts are in the employ of various vested interests. How can any of them be trusted? All of us are locked into a dream wherein business and money take precedence over life and any positive values and ideas we may have. We worship the rich and punish the poor. All systems are enslaved to cost and we all pay that price. Millions starve to death each year and never mind the damage done to the environment, to living beings of all realms and to the rest of us. All of this, because of an accounting/economic system that we made up. We allowed ourselves to be bought and sold long ago and our only purpose now is to be harvested. Greed, hatred, paranoia and bigotry are the major signposts of our time. We are plugged into a 'reality' of our own making and acceptance and we don't have a clue as to what we have lost in exchange for the television-driven lives we have today.

But, hey, we're making money today, right? Well, actually the situation is more like bones being thrown to the dog.

What is the total value of what we call wealth today? What percentage of the world's population control what percentage of all that wealth? Perhaps the percentages are this... 1% of the population controls 90% of the wealth. No wonder people starve to death today. Who owns you? Do you think you are free? As long as we can make the rent or mortgage and buy a relatively new car and go out to dinner every so often then I suppose things are about as good as they can be. This must change. And it will. We are changing the natural world in dramatic ways while we keep our focus on making money. The only question that might still be applicable is will we change gracefully or will the change come the hard way?

Personally, I'd like to see all the fences gone and the buffalo back.

tmc 6/95