RavenPopulation. Too Much is Not Enough!

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Be fruitful and multiply?

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I'm sure that any resemblance that the current population of people and our effect on the planet has to cancer cells on an individual person is simply coincidental.
Be fruitful and multiply!
But wait. There is more! The vast majority of us are simply supporting a very small minority to a lifestyle that they have become accustomed to. Any benefit most of us derive fro this arrangement is simply due to those in power realizing that overt slavery is much more difficult to maintain than homogenation of culture and belief with the implicit behaviors that such propagates.
Dutifully we fall in line.
Since CEOs, stockholders, kings and presidents are the most highly evolved of us (well, look how much stuff they generally have), it does make sense that we fall in line. Doesn't it?
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tmc 6/95