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Color Line
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Color Line

I don't know why anyone thinks that any government is on their side. Whether those governing were the actual rulers or, as it has generally been during this century, those appearing to govern are merely the spokespersons for the actual rulers, whatever gave us the idea that government is generally benevolent and something that people must have. Who is it that has the most to gain? Remember history. The reality is that the wealth of the world, the natural resources and the currency used to keep track, is owned and therefore controlled by a very minute percentage of all the people living. In spite of the occasional Bill Gates, control and ownership of the world was determined long ago. Occasionally, we peasants are used in a struggle to redistribute and consolidate wealth between various rulers. Who is it that benefits from war? The real question is why do we allow this to happen?

Who owns you? Where is the bill of sale?

There are many mysteries in the world but one of the strangest is why why anyone who isn't wealthy would be a member of the republican party. As cynical as they are, I'm sure that those with wealth have a good chuckle about them. At the same time, any of america's traditional political parties are essentially the same. And the line they walk is in just about the same place. How far down can the peasants be pushed before they wake up? Any debate amongst the parties is simply where the rulers think that line is. And it's obvious we can be pushed very far. How many of us died in world war I and II? How many died in Vietnam? Africa? The middle east? Indoneasia, China? Cambodia? Russia? Who profited from these wars?

Go ahead Master, throw us a bone...

Here are some pages that contain information concerning political parties, corporations, capitalism, and anarchism. You may also want to look at some of the pages I've located that center on indigenous issues. It would do us well to consider that no matter how long ago it was, all of are of indigenous lineage and the values of indigenous people everywhere and at all times are well worth considering. Don't believe me? Then consider that at the end the last 200 years we are having to ask questions such as are we ruining the planet that we live on?

Here are the political party platforms for 1996 that I've been able to find, essays on capitalism, and essays and interviews on corporations. Behind all the speeches that the various politicians make, are the party platforms. We should read them so that it is clear just what each of the parties are about. Do any of you know just when it was that we all became property? Seems like we've had Kings and their ilk for a very long time...

Corporations are making Frankenstein look bad. (I don't want to really compare Frankenstein and corporations; corporations never are looking to be loved.)

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