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Would war be possible without government?

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Color Line

I'm not sure why this isn't in the Politics section. War is just about always about power and money, and isn't that what politics is about? Let's see if there are any commonalities in the following...

If you guessed that the US Government either denies or denied the existence of any of these, then you would be correct. Why would the government deny these. Times up! Money! If none of these things happened then no money would have to spent on the people affected by them. Simple.

If you're under 40 years old or so and you grew up in the United States, what do you know about the Vietnam war? I kid you not, in the late 1960's and early 1970's the Vietnam war was a very big deal In America. Were you taught that in school or do you only know what you've been told through the movies and television and the occasional documentary that really focuses on ridiculing the '60's? Do you find that interesting or even a little intriguing? If you or someone you knew was unfortunate enough to be a participant in the American/Iraqi war in 1992, then should be very interested.

Pay attention to what you are told through network news programs and through the major newspapers. Actually you need to understand who owns those corporations. Once you understand that then you can look in your own bank account and see if you have anything in common with those people at all. Do you live in their neighborhoods? Go to the same restaurants and parties? Do you have business meetings with them? Do they call you and ask your opinion about how things are going?
I didn't think so. I don't get called by them either.
In fact the only times I've been contacted by the powers that be is when they want me to give them money and when they wanted me to go to war in Vietnam. Hmm, what did I get in return? Well, they didn't put me in prison. Period.

Just for reference, I served in the United States Army from 9/67 to 5/70. I did two tours in South Vietnam. The first was with 1FFV Artillery in Nha Trang and the second as a member of MACV Advisory Team 30 in Cam Ranh special sector, both in II Corp. My MOS was O5B, radio telephone operator, and I was a Sgt E-5 on DEROS.

To be continued.

tmc 6/95