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Iraq War Situation Reports

These are copies. See www.iraqwar.ru for originals and more info.

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GRU's take on things 3/23/03
preparations in the north 3/23/03
preparations in the south 3/23/03
the first day of war 3/23/03
the second day of war 3/23/03
movement around Basra 3/23/03
situation at Basra and An-Nasiriya 3/25/03
situation in southern Iraq 3/25/03
situation at An-Nasiriya (update) 3/26/03
fighting the people 3/26/03
better coalition performance 3/27/03
requirement for more troops 3/27/03
preparing for battle UPDATE 3/27/03
a week of war 3/28/03
update 3/29/03
update 3/30/03
update 3/31/03
update 4/01/03
update 4/02/03
update 4/03/03
update 4/04/03
update 4/05/03
update a 4/06/03